Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Great investment property in Burley

This 3 bed terraced house on Woodside Place in Burley would appeal to both students and professionals alike. It's in a great spot close to the universities and close to main transport links into Leeds City Centre. 

The house is already in a pretty good condition but there is definitely potential to add value to increase the rental income. There's space to create an en-suite bathroom next to the basement bedroom which is currently being used as storage. You could also move the door to the first floor bedroom to allow that room to utilise the current bathroom and then fit an en-suite shower room on the top floor. 

If the property was fitted with a new, modern kitchen and the decor was freshened up you could likely achieve around £14,040 per annum. The refurb work would likely cost around £8,000 so if you managed to get the property for somewhere in the region of £140,000 that would then give you good return of nearly 10%. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Great investment opportunity in Headingley with 10% yield

Properties of any kind on Headingley Mount are always a good bet as they never fail to rent out. They are always hugely popular as it's located in the heart of Headingley. 

This property contains 3 flats; two 1 beds and one 2 bed and there is always huge demand for properties like these in this area so you could be comfortable in the knowledge that these flats would rent out all day long. 

If a bit of money was spent freshening them up and modernising them a little with new kitchens, carpets, decor etc you could easily achieve around an annual income of £24,000. The work would likely cost around £8,000 so if you managed to get the building for around £235,000 then that would give you a good return of nearly 10%.