Monday, 15 August 2016

Brilliant 3 bed house in Burley with 11% return

Houses of this type are always hugely in demand for professional renters. This spacious 3 bed house located on Wetherby Place on with Moores is a fantastic property that would rent out all day long.

It's ideally located just off Burley Road and with all the main transport links it offers, as well as not being far from Burley Park train station. There are plenty of shops only a stones throw away and it only takes around 10 minutes to get in to Leeds City Centre.

The property itself is already in great condition so there wouldn't be any need to spend any further money on it so it could be rented out straight away. Three beds in this area of this standard rent out for around £1155 per month which would bring in an annual rent of £13,860. If you were able to get the property for around £125,000 that would give you a great return of 11% which would definitely be a great addition to any landlords portfolio.

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