Monday, 3 October 2016

Fantastic 4 bed house in Burley with 10% return

This 4 bed house set in the heart of Burley would make a fantastic investment. It's located just off Burley Road which is an ideal location for professional renters what with it being so close to plenty of main transport links such as Burley Park train station and the main bus routes.

We've recently let a lot of properties in this area to either groups of professionals or as houseshares so there really is a great demand for properties like this in this area.

The property already looks in great condition so it doesn't look like you'd need to a great deal - if anything to it to get it ready to let out.

For a property of this standard you would be looking at a monthly rental of £1400. If you managed to get the property for around £165k that would give you a very healthy return of 10%.

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