Monday, 12 December 2016

Fantastic 8 bed semi-detached in Headingley

This huge semi-detached property on Cardigan Road is a great property located in a highly sought after part of Headingley. It appeals to students at all campuses in Leeds and is also an area popular with young professionals. 

The property is split in to two 4 bed flats, each of which boast plenty of space and both come with 2 bathrooms which always puts itself ahead of the majority of 4 beds that usually only come with one.

One of the flats has recently had a brand new kitchen installed so it looks as though it's in a lettable condition as it is but due to the space that comes with this property there is definitely the potential to add en-suite bathrooms to each bedroom in order to boost the rental income. Modern en-suite properties of this size and in this area often go for around £95pppw.

If you spent around £10-15,000 on the property and if you managed to get it for around £375,000 you would be looking at a return of 10% and be safe in the knowledge that it would let out all day long. 

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